A little Information About Me.


Hi there, welcome to my website, created especially for you, to help the thousands of like minded souls navigate their Life’s Purpose with love and Light.

My Name Is Gemma and I am a Lone Parent from the UK, currently in the midst of my True Spiritual Awakening which started around 4 years ago. The Knowledge I have gained, and the abilities I have unlocked since then have been tremendous, and often overwhelming.

I am a Highly Sensitive Empath, Developing Medium, Certified Reiki Healer and also a Tarot and Angel Card Reader, giving Intuitive Guidance to many who use my services.

When I first awakened to my true self there was not much Genuine Help out there to guide me on my path of enlightenment, so after doing a lot of research which was put into practice I decided to Open a group on Facebook for developing Card readers and more recently changing it to include Spiritual Development to help people in their own Ascension Process, which even featured on American Radio and has many Loyal Members which is rising every day.

 My Ascension Process Is still ongoing and it can be a long painful process for some. This is why I have Created this site to share my experiences and Knowledge with you all, while I am living it, and hopefully help some souls out there who Had the same questions as me.

Thank you for visiting Beautiful Soul.

With Love and Light