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What Is Spirituality Really?

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What Is Spirituality Really?

When you think of the term Spirituality, what does it mean for you? Everyone is different, but there is no One Definition of Spirituality because it is something that everyone can experience in life, no matter who you are.

For 20 or so Years I did not even know what the term meant, nor did I care, I was too wrapped up in my Life, surrounded by negativity and people who made me feel worthless. I am an Emotionally sensitive Empath, but for all these years I did not know that this was the reason, only that I was different and I did not know why.  Some People Sadly Remain sleepers throughout their Life, trapped in a state of false reality built around Illusions and not living their truth or being their true Authentic self.

Spirituality can help us to find meaning and Purpose in the things we value the most in our lives. It can be a great catalyst for hope, in times of despair, suffering, and loss. Spirituality is allowing yourself to simply be, a flow of well-being and active everyday Mindfulness. 

When People ask me, ”What Is Spirituality” my reply to them is often, to know yourself properly, void of any ego or Illusions the mind has formed. Spirituality is the unraveling of self and everyone’s experience is different. For some, it can be a long painful process as you learn to deal with the pain of your past,  but also as you learn to deal with yourself, your shadow side, as you start to shed the Egotistical Illusions and the self-limiting beliefs you carry about yourself.

How Is Spirituality Different from Religious Traditions?

Spirituality is not tied to any sort of religious belief or tradition, it is there for everyone, although Religious traditions certainly include individual Spirituality because it is Universal. Each religion has its own distinct community-based worship, beliefs, sacred texts, and traditions, whereas Spirituality is for even the most devout of Atheists.

Spirituality is also being recognized widely to help with mental health problems, such as Depression and anxiety and much more. In spiritual assessments related to mental health, when put into practice, for example, meditation and everyday mindfulness,

Patients say that they gained

Better self-control,  self-esteem, and confidence.

Faster and easier recovery (through healthy grieving of losses and recognizing their own strengths )

Better relationships with others, themselves and with God/source/nature.

A new sense of hope, meaning, and peace of mind in their lives. Where this has helped them to accept and live with the current problems in their lives and to make changes wherever possible.

These are only a few facts, there are much more ways in which Spiritual Practice can help Improve your life, through the likes of meditation and practicing mindfulness. Of course, the Internet is an Incredible resource of Information on these subjects, but these subjects will feature in many articles and E-books on this site from my own experiences and the knowledge that I have learned so I can help others to understand their own selves and others to ultimately improve their lives, but you are the co-creator. Make the Intention today to improve yourself and your life no matter what. Learn the art of balancing the Ying and Yang energies of your soul and psyche, (Masculine and Feminine Energies.)

When these energies are in harmony, your life and your happiness will be in harmony. You will start to mirror to other people the changes that need to be made within themselves, which can be sometimes upsetting, as like I said some people are just not ready to accept their shadow sides. It is quite surprising what the Ego will do to run from the truth.

Some Spiritual Skills Include

Having the capacity for forgiveness.

To Love Unconditionally.

Being honest with yourself and others, and the ability to see yourself as others see you.

Being able to stay focused in the present moment, to be alert and compassionate to others needs, without thinking of your own.

To learn to give without feeling drained

To learn the Art of Letting go

Developing a deeper sense of Empathy for others and their needs.

Spirituality emphasizes our connections to other people and the world, which creates the idea of ‘reciprocity’. This means that the giver and receiver both get something from what happens, that if you help another person, you help yourself. Many carers naturally develop spiritual skills and values over time as a result of their commitment to those for whom they care. Those being cared for, in turn, can often give help to others in distress.

Spirituality is Love.

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What is your Spiritual Philosophy? I would love to hear from you, I love hearing your comments and stories.

Until then stay positive and mindful and look out for more Articles on various subjects including spirituality.

God Bless to you all.









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